sewer gas in basement
Posted by stinky on April 02, 2004 at 20:57:29:
I live in a remote area with only one plumber who is distant and very busy and I would like to take care of this problem immediately. I have a three story house on a septic system with an horizontal open 2" abs
pipe sticking out of a wall beneath both bathrooms (in the partially above-ground basement)that used to just make gurgling noises but now it blows cold sewer smelling air that gives me a headache if I go in the basement. All of my drains seem to work fine, some pipes and a toilet bowl cracked this winter from ineffective winterizing, but I have repaired them, although behind the wall that the pipe sticks out of there is pipes that I can not easily access that may have burst as well(there is melting snow on the outside wall and a dirt floor inside so leaking water could be escaping without my knowing). Could my vent pipe be clogged? Is it worth tearing open the wall to see if there is a burst drain pipe behind it? (When all taps are off there is no water flowing into the house so I do not think a supply line is not burst in there. Is there another way to find out? Could a burst drain pipe be causing the smell? Does a vent pipe have an intake?

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