Good post on gas and what you want to do
Posted by Vince on April 02, 2004 at 20:24:28:
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I covered this just a few posting below.

I have a problem with providing details on gas work to someone over this type of format.
Hey, if we were in the same town, I'd come over and help as long as i didn't get dirty or use my tools.

There are very few second chances with poor gas work. It looks like plumbing but it not the same. There isn't some sort of mystery that goes with this, it's just a different animal.

This all being said, you should pick up a copy of the national fuel gas code or international fuel gas code and just look it over. Go to a library or even a book store and just look at it. It has all charts and even shows you how to size gas lines.
See if you would want to buy this, library will probably be a referrence copy. This is all the help I'll offer on sizing.

Now for cutting black iron pipe. A good quaility rigid cutter for tubing will cut it but you will never use it for copper again. You need a heavy pipe cutter. Not a hack saw, a sawzall, jig saw, or any other type of saw that will give you a not true cut that is perpendicular to the pipe. Remember, you need to thread this afterwards so you need a true cut to start straight threads.

Use unions after a valve on branch lines. These are ground joint unions (without a washer like water unions will have).

When you open a line, (Be sure to shut gas off at meter, let pilots burn themselves out and then open burners on stove) just make sure to have some ventilation in your work area. Natural gas is lighter than air so it will rise. Keep this in mind...It's important and you will figure out why.

Good luck with your project...

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