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Posted by Gary Slusser on April 02, 2004 at 12:11:30:
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: We are have trouble with our well. Our Jet pump went out and we had someone give us another one but it won't build up pressure and shut off. This pump is a sears craftsman. we have changed the jet assembly, the foot valve and the shut off valve but it still wont pressure up to shut off. when you open the prime valve water it pumping good but won't pump into the tank and pressure up....anyone have any suggestions?

Possibly you aren't getting a full prime. In other words, the line to the well isn't totally full of water. Or you have a suction leak allowing air into the line. This assumes a single line (shallow) jet pump. You could have something blocking the jet or the inlet to the foot valve also, both will cause this probem. The other possiblity is that the implellor is broken or not spining. You amy want to ask why someone had this pump to be able to give it to you and if it worked well for them.

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