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Posted by casman on April 02, 2004 at 11:30:43:
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: Hi, we are about to install a granite countertop and I have to make some immediate decisions about what holes to have cut into the granite. We just bought a new sink and gardbage disposal, and there is an existing dishwasher to the right of the sink (It's all on a center island) Our previous sink was a drop in on a tile countertop, but this one will need to be an undermount for the granite slab. We used to have an "air gap" on the sink, which sometimes released water, but I heard that with a granite slab you don't want to install an air gap becuse the surface is level and water would spill onto the countertop from the air gap. Is this true? The suggestion was to get a plumber to curve the hose in a way that creates a 6 inch loop (?) that serves in place of an air gap installed onto the countertop. Please advise because I need to let the granite guys know whether or not to cut a hole. Also, does anything need to be cut out of the slap for the garbage disposal?

Whether you need an airgap is I believe determined by local code, so I'd check there, I've never had one and never had any problems, the loop thing is under the cabinet itself and is just the drain hose from the dishwasher going up as high as you can get it up under the cabinet in a loop then it drops down to the drain connection, no special holes for GD, as that just mounts to the sink....good luck....

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