Re: moving washer, how to run pipe to the main drain
Posted by Deb on April 02, 2004 at 09:48:58:
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: As it stands now, my washer is right next to my main drain and it's hose goes right into it.
: I want to move the washer to and adjacent wall. My Q is, is it as simple as lowering the Y tie in at the main drain and running a pipe from the washer along the two walls to the main drain?
: if so, what type of pitch do i need for the pipe? the approx length is 8 feet along one wall and 6 along the next.

No, it is not that simple.
The washer needs a vent and a p-trap. The drainage line must be graded 1/4" per foot, 2" pipe. The p-trap must be between 6 to 18" off the floor. The washer standpipe must be 18-30" tall. You can vent the washer with 1-1/2" pipe. I always put a clean out on washer lines since they tend to accumulate lint and clog. You must use a san tee for the drain-vent-trap arm connection, but you can use either a san tee or a wye to tie in the horizontal drainage with the vertical stack.
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