Re: Vents are important; have it checked
Posted by WendyL on April 02, 2004 at 09:13:51:
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Thanks for the replies Deb, Ed and Jimbo -- this house is about 16 years old and I've lived in it for the past 4+ years. The new roof went on last year. SO there is one vent through the roof that I thought was for the interior shower-- but it could be for the toilets.... it's just strange because there'd have to be alot of creative routing to get all the vents to come together through one outlet (the toilets are in all different relative locations).

What would I look for for to determine if there are "auto vents"? -- also would I just contact a general plumbmer to take a look or some other building specialty? thanks again

:As alluded to by Deb and Ed, it is almost inconceivable that 5 toilets could flush properly if not vented. So the question then is are they vented correctly. If the vents were left open to the attic, this lets the fixtures vent but puts sewer gas in your attic. This is not a good thing. If it is a new house, contact your builder for an explanation. Otherwise find a well qualified professional to check it out. Everything may be fine, but this is important enough that you need to know the answer.

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