Well will prime, but wont pump water
Posted by Rory Spangler on April 01, 2004 at 18:00:57:

I've been having many well problems. Mid-winter the well got a crack in it's foot valve, it was an easy fix except for the sub-freezing temps. Then a week or so ago a pipe came undone under ground which needed dug up fixed and made sure it was tight. We didn't reburry the well again. Today a pipe that i forgot to put tighten came off when the dishwasher was run. After pusing it back in i primed the well, it would begin to pump water but then the pipes would pop off outside again. So i got it really good and tight so it wont come off. I can prime the well and it holds it's prime, however when i go to get it to pump water it will run and run but wont pump water and the pressure valve will not show any pressure.
What is wrong?
Some dirt and mud had been dropped in the well, could anything be stopping water from flowing in?
Thank you

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