Re: Water Pressure - Thermal Expansion??
Posted by Dave R. on April 01, 2004 at 16:52:08:
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The expansion tank is not a big deal. I recently went through the same problem with my new water heater. You can pick one up at Home depot for about $30. The tank is installed on the cold water supply, as close to the water heater as possible. The expansion tank has threaded holes for fittings, I installed a couple of unions on mine in case I ever had to service it. The tank has a bladder inside with an external valve stem and you will need to check the air pressure, a tire air pressure guage will work for this.

You have to equalize the air pressure in the bladder to your water pressure. So if you have 90psi water, than you need to use a bicycle pump to inflate the bladder to 90psi. Then install the tank and thats it. I have not had a drop of water from the relief valve since. Good Luck!

: I recently had to replace my gas hot water heater. I raised the temperature of the new hot water heater to get more hot water fro a longer period of time. Water then began coming from the pressure relief valve into a pan on the floor. I never had any problems with my old water heater.
: I had the man who installed the water heater check it. He claims that I have 90 pounds of water pressure coming into the house. I have had no clanging pipes, leaking faucets, or running toilets which I have been told are symptoms of too high water pressure. He said because the hot water heater is a closed loop system, I now need a thermal expansion tank and the new water pressure adapter. It seems strange that I can replace a 20 year old unit and end up with a system that is worse and more costly than what I had before. What's the story here?

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