Re: Water Pressure - Thermal Expansion??
Posted by PW on April 01, 2004 at 11:56:01:
In response to Re: Water Pressure - Thermal Expansion??

You may want to check the actual temperature, don't go by the thermostat setting. I just installed a new heater, thermostat set at 120, water temp was 145.

Keep in mind that the job of the water heater is to heat water, if it is doing that to the proper temperatures it is performing as it should. The effects of expansion has nothing to do with the heater not performing. Could be your water temp is above what you think it is, could be a bad TP valve, could be you have a closed system which needs an expansion tank, could be the lower tempertures of the old heater had less expansion, ..... the list goes on. Going to take a little detective work.

: I have raised the temperature from 120 to 130. The expansion tank, to me, is not a minor thing, nor is a new ater pressure regulator.
: My question is really about why the new water heater does not perform as well as my old one did? That is, why do I need the expansion tank, and the new water pressure regulator when the old water heater worked fine without these things until it began to leak?

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