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Posted by Nancy on April 01, 2004 at 11:16:27:
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: Nancy,

: Not sure what you mean by it does work. If there is no water at all, possibly you want to look for a valve somewhere else that has the water shut off to that faucet.

: Here is some general info on Mansfield repairs.

: Mansfield puts out two kits, one #630-7500 to repair the anti-syphon valve, for around $3.00 and the other #630-7755 to rebuild the rest of seals and washer for around $7.00. They should be available at most plumbing supply houses, etc.

: Many times a quick repair for a leak around the anti-syphon cap, is to pry off the plastic cap with a screw driver, being careful not to break it. Work a little from two sides until it pops off. You can then unscrew, counter clockwise, the bonnet (valve retainer) with a pair of plyers. Clean any crud from under the bonnet, which acts like a washer seat. You will find a plunger assembly, clean and reverse the washer in the assembly. Re-assemble the parts you just removed. Tighten the bonnet firmly. Snap the cap back on. With a little of luck you will get many years of additional service before needing a repair kit.

: If you just have a drip from the faucet, your best bet is to obtain a rebuild kit and replace the washer and seals.

: : I have three Mansfield outdoor faucets which I turned off during the winter. When I turned the water back on, two of the faucets worked and one didn't. Why, and how do I fix it. I called the distributor and he won't return my calls, nor will the plumber that plumbed my three year old home. Help.

Thanks for the info on the kits to repair leaks. Unfortunately, that is not my problem. I am getting no water. I did reopen the shut-off valve, as I did on the other two faucets that do work. If you have any other ideas, lemeno. Thanks.

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