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Posted by Deb on April 01, 2004 at 10:40:06:
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: Hi - I have a 3-story home (basement and two floors above)with 5 toilets (1 in basement, 1 on main floor, 3 on upstairs floor.

: The house has a mansard style roof which I just replaced which caused me to notice that I have no vent stacks on the roof for the toilets (there's one vent but I think it is for a fan in an interior shower).

: My question is-- if the toilet's don't vent throught the roof -- where else do they vent (the only other known/visible exhausts are on the ground level for the dryer and the ground floor bathroom fan). The builders did some other strange things with the house so I am curious how the toilets (and possible the sinks??) vent. thanks very much

: Wendy

Every single fixture without exception must have a vent. They can be connected together and go out as one vent, but on a home that size, there are almost always more than one vent. Vent termination should be through the roof. If you have no vents sticking through your roof, I do not have a clue where they could be. The exhaust fan vents have absolutely nothing to do with the plumbing vents. Even if you live in an area that allows auto vents (there should be access panels if you have these as they wear out and need to be replaced periodically), you must still have at least 1 vent through the roof.
Are you havbing problems or are you just curious?
Is this a newer home? Was it inspected? Is the builder still around so you can ask questions?
The Pipewench

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