Re: Shower diverter valve problem
Posted by e-plumber on March 31, 2004 at 21:00:49:
In response to Re: Shower diverter valve problem
: The diverter valve in the tub isn't exactly diverting very well :) When turned to the shower setting, water continues to pour from the tub faucet as well, wasting water and leaving little pressure from the shower head.

: I've tried to take apart the diverter assembly, but it seems that the aseembly just spins in the pipe and won't actually come out. Is it cross-threaded or something like that? Does the entire pipework need repair/replacing?

Most diverters will unscrew from the valve body as a complete stem. Inspect the inside of the faucet for debris while it's apart and installing a brand new OEM diverter stem would be advisable.

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