Re: Undercounter washer/dryer hookup to kitchen sink drain
Posted by e-plumber on March 31, 2004 at 20:38:10:
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: In our apartment we want to connect a small front-loading washer/dryer (such as the LG model) under our kitchen counter, making use of the kitchen sink drain and water supply, similar to how a dishwasher is connected. The machine is a low-water use model (10gals/cycle). This is how washing machines are usually connected in Europe, as far as I know, using a branch connection at the sink drain. There is a concern in the building about the W/M backing up into the neighbors' sinks below us when it discharges, as this has apparently happened in another unit. Can anybody offer advice or comment? Many thanks.

The type of drain connection you referring to is not permitted by many codes. Although it is widely used in apartment buildings, usually causing problems with back ups in apts. around/below yours. The existing piping (in some cases) cannot accommodate this installation. Check with building management and hire a licensed plumber to do the install legally, (filed & inspected) for your own protection.

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