Shower body & external diverter question
Posted by Ray on March 31, 2004 at 20:34:01:
I am using an American Standard shower body and an external 3-output diverter, also by American Standard. The outs of the diverter are tub fill, shower head and hand shower. The input and outputs of the diverter are clearly marked. The problem is what output of the shower body should I use to feed the diverter?

I called A/S and they said use the shower out and cap the tub. They claimed the flow from both ports of the shower body are equal and I should use the shower side to feed the diverter. This did not make send but I did what they said. I always though the tub port was higher flow.

Now I am only getting about 2.5 GPM (max) from my tub fill and this does not seem right. Should I have used the tub port on the shower body?

Also, I flushed the new piping through the shower body without removing the cartridge. Could this have clogged it somehow? I removed it after and checked the rough-brass body and flushed it clean. The cartridge looked clean, but there might be something inside.

Any ideas?

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