normal pressure
Posted by Jim Mc Groarty on March 30, 2004 at 20:18:21:
I have measured the water pressure at two locations in my home and they confirm that my water pressure is just short of 100 psi. What is the typical psi range for a residential home? You see my hot electric hot water heater's pressure relief valve is dripping at different intervals. It currently reads 100psi at the bottom hose bib. A pressure reducing valve was installed five years ago and I suspect that it is not working. I would like to know if the valve is rebuildable. (Conraco ASSE B356 size 1/2 25psi-75psi
400 PSI MAX input 180degree limit) My basement is finished and the exisiting valve is almost imposible to replace, but it has a removeable dome and I am wondering if a rebuid kit is available?

Thank you,

Jim Mc Groarty

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