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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on March 30, 2004 at 19:38:36:
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: All professsional plumbers seem to recommend using brass nipples instead of galvanized for longevity, ease of removing down the road, etc. I have purchased and installed chrome nipples for my sinks and toilets. Where do chrome nipples fall compared to brass and galvanized?

Good question, normally chrome nipples are actually brass nipples electroplated BUT the problem arises as to where these nipples were manufactured?
If the country of origin used yellow brass (60% copper 40% Zinc) this is almost as bad as using galvanized as on hot water lines you can and do get de-zincification where these nipples become brittle.

Chrome plating is used on plumbing piping and fixtures for several reasons

1- Or course is esthetics

2- House keeping is easier

3- Much more durable finish then porcelain or gold or polished brass finishes

4- Prevent bacteria build up like toilet handles and faucets used in homes and hospitals

Galvanized (Zinc coating) just doesn't seem to hold up as long as its brass plated counterparts BUT this is not to say Steel cannot be chrome plated also like bumpers or other parts on cars for example.

Here you thought it was a a simple answer huh?

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