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Posted by fs on March 30, 2004 at 18:37:43:
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: Conventional wisdom dictates a slope of 1/4" per foot. So among the factors is the length of the run. Often, you'll find the DWV about 12 inches below the surface of the slab. Sometimes more, othertimes, less.

: You will need to support the (sloping) pipes through stakes, gravel, etc. You then pour the concrete over the gravel bed that typically covers the DWV pipes.

: Typical is 4 inches of gravel followed by 4 inches
: of concrete.

: : You cannot put it in the concrete, but anywhere else is okay.

: : : How deep below the slab must I run the DWV piping? I'd like to cut it as close as practicable so I can get the extra headroom we need in the basement.

there might be some way to shield the DWV... i heard that electrical conduit is sometimes buried wiht concrete protection...

don't forget the plastic wrap around teh DWV to isolate copper from teh concrete

: : : Thanks, Matt

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