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Posted by Gary Slusser on March 30, 2004 at 12:46:38:
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: Hello,
: I'm having a problem in my house with the (well) water pressure. About 2 weeks ago I noticed after 5-10 minutes of running water, the pressure would drop in half. I went downstairs to try to find problem. I noticed the pump was continously running. The shutoff pressure was set at 50 psi. The most it would get to was 35 psi. I lowered the high kick-off to 30 psi to get pump to shut off. The pump does cycle now, but the pressure goes down to 15 after 5 minutes. Is this just a sign of the pump going bad (12 year old) or is it a problem with my holding tank??? any assistance would be appreciated.

: thank you

There's something wrong with the flow of water. It could be a greatly reduced static water level, making the pump work harder than it is capable of (total dynamic head is much greater). It could be something like biomass is sucked up against the pump's inlet restrictiing flow. It could be the pump is running at reduced power due to a cable etc. problem. It could be the bearing etc. are seizing... on'n on but... If I see wha tyou have done, I see you turning the tall screw's nut up and lowering both the cut-in and cut-out pressure switch settings. Hence the 15/30 psi range. This is not going to work well due to the air pressure in the tank probably being set at 28-29 psi. That increases that TDH I mentioned.

So... time for someone that knows wells and pumps to be called out to check things out. That would be a pump guy, well driller or a plumber (sorry, most plumbers don't know wells). Some water treatment guys do well/pump work too.

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