Re: How do you adjust a toilet flapper w/float?
Posted by Cyndi on March 30, 2004 at 11:03:25:
In response to Re: How do you adjust a toilet flapper w/float?
Help! I moved the float down, so the flapper opens up for a longer, better flush; but I now realize I am still getting phantom flush, just not every 5 minutes as before. When I open the tank, there are little air bubbles all over the flapper and the float and lower chain (the parts under water). Is there anything I can do to stop the phantom flush leak? Any other adjustments I can make--noting that I know absolutely nothing about plumbing and can't affort a plumber right now. I have a Kohler Wellworth 1.6 toilet, and I installed a Kohler Red Adjustable Flapper PP23648 (which is what the guy at the hardware store said to use). Any help you can give would be very appreciated! Thanks!

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