Re: Woodford Faucet Model 14 - Play in stem.
Posted by Clayton on March 30, 2004 at 00:54:27:
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The play is in the Valve stem assembly, which is not included in RK-14. A little play (1/8") is common but 3/8" seems excessive to me also. I have never had a stem assembly come completely apart as there are retaining pins sticking out of the sides of the stem behind the packing washer. However to get rid of the play you can shut the water off, remove the stem assembly from the faucet. Slide the large check valve gasket straight up the stem (can be difficult to move). with that out of the way, tap the retainer cup up tight against the stem and use some vise grip pliers to squeeze / crimp the outside of the retainer cup at the edge where it meets the stem. That should prevent it from sliding back and forth.
Or just measure the overall length of the stem assembly and order another one. The stem assembly should measure 1-7/8" longer than the models wall thickness length. e.g. woodford model 14P-12 faucets stem assembly will measure 13-7/8"...
: Woodford Faucet Model 14 - There is significant play in the stem (1/4 to 3/8 inch in and out motion). The faucet DOES shut off the water (no dripping), however the play is concerning me.

: Will a repair kit RK-14 solve the play issue, or is their internal damage that will cause the entire faucet to need replaced?

: Thanks in advance for your advice.

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