Re: Basement Bathrooms without Rough Ins
Posted by Gary Swart on March 29, 2004 at 15:25:46:
In response to Re: Basement Bathrooms without Rough Ins
This was excellent advice. I'd add just one minor point. A 3-function rotary hammer drill can be purchased from Grizzly or Harbor Freight and probably other places, for around $100, including several bits. It's not so large as to be a killer to use. It's not big enough for breaking up a street or Grand Coulee Dam, and it won't be as fast as the big units, but it does handles small concrete breaking jobs very nicely. I t's also super for drilling holes in concrete from 3/16" to 1/2". I find uses for mine fairly often, and it has paid for itself several times over. Whatever you do, don't go with the platform idea. That a real Mickey Mouse approach, and you'll regret it forever.

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