Re: replacing radiator valves (I'm stuck!)
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on March 29, 2004 at 13:43:50:
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: In the process of replacing all the old valves on our radiator system (hot water) and I have 4 valves which are just stuck and I can't seem to get them to budge.

: Any ideas on how I can get them to move?

: I also have a run of old supploy/return galvanized pipe I want to's stuck too and I'm afraid to put much stress/force against the pipe as I try to turn it loose.

: Thoughts there would be appreciated as well.
Normally using BIG Wrenches if your not holding back properly will cause you all kinds of problems.

Hot water Valves are normally a lot easier to remove then Steam BUT they can over time also weld in tight.

What I normally do is take a sawzall and either cut the valve body and threads VERY carefully not to cut into the Male pipe threads.

Then using a sharp cold chisel split the brass open and if you do it properly you can just about unscrew the valve by hand THEN you can do the same thing for the spud inside the radiator.

UNLESS you can use two large wrenches and hold back properly Don't do it.

You can also try using WD 40 or WAX candle if the ststem is hot as the wax can help loosen the valves

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