Low water pressure at kitchen sink
Posted by Debbie Miley on March 28, 2004 at 23:27:10:
We had our pipes from the house to the street replaced with copper piping a few years ago. The plumber said that all of our pipes are copper. As far as we can tell they are. But we have a problem with the water pressure at the kitchen sink. When we turn the water on, even full force, we do not have much pressure at all. I had purchased an attachment to place on the faucet which allows me to direct the flow of water within the sink. Could it possibly be this that is the culpret. I have had it for a time. I know that the water pressure is appreciably down in this end of town because water availability was not planned for when expansion on the West side of town mushroomed. It takes two flushes to properly flush a toilet at a Postal Facility where I worked for a time close by our home. Even so, it is only the kitchen sink which does not have the pressure. Could it be the faucet itself?

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