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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on March 28, 2004 at 22:50:17:
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: Can threaded brass pipe (3/4", 1", etc) be secured with galvanized straps? Are there corrosion issues? I want to use only solid, pre-formed brackets and not plumbers tape. Copper straps for tubing the next size up are too loose and are not an option. This is for a remodel where the brass risers are staying in place but need to be secured better than they were (tied with wire to the wire-mesh plaster lath).

: -Al

Hi Al,

Before you secure this piping did you allow for any insulation on the hot water lines to conserve energy?

On the cold water lines condensate can cause you major problems as lawyers live for "mold " cases

Have you given any consideration to the coefficient of expansion and contraction of the hot and cold water lines before you secure them too tight?

Now lets consider the cold water lines for a minute

As the cold water goes through warmer ambient temperature you will get some type of sweating around the pipe PERFECT place for electrolytic action to take place with a ferrous metal strap.

I would suggest any of the following if you don't like using the cheapo copper coated band iron straps.

1- Use 14 Oz sheet copper cut into 1" strips makes for secure straps

2- Lead "D" the type used on lead bends is thick enough to be used plus lead is compatible with most metals and used with Brass or stainless steel screws and washers the screws cant pull through

3- Use the copper "C" Clamps BUT buy larger size ones and use them in the "U" shape with two screws in it as your using the exiting hole to hang the pipe and drill another to secure it

4- Go to any decent marine supply and buy some stainless steel pipe straps in the diameter your using.

Purposely mixing galvanized and Brass / copper ./ Muntz metals / Bronze is not a great idea FORGETABOUTIT since your using quality Brass why use something that will cause a premature failure.

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