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Posted by Deb on March 28, 2004 at 21:22:00:
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: Just bought a brand new toilet three months ago. Worked fine for about a month until it stopped flushing properly. Water would fill up the bowl and then very slowly the bowl would empty but with no flushing action. I then snaked the toilet and it still wouldn't flush properly. I then removed the toilet and found not obstruction in the discharge hole or trap. Then I set it up in my basement on blocks and filled up the tank with water to see if it would flush. Pulled the lever and it flushed beautifully. I then snaked out the main drain line and found no obstruction as well. Reinstalled the toilet and once again it would not flush properly. I then took a break and about five hours later I pushed the lever to see if it would flush and surprisingly it finally worked. The next day I tried to flush it again and it wouldn't flush. Back to my same old problem. Could this be a venting problem? Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

What type of snake did you use and how long was it? Smaller hand snakes are virtually useless on main line clogs. You need a large power auger. These can be dangerous and it takes experience to negotiate turns in a drainage system. You may want to have this professionally augered.
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