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Posted by Sylvan on March 27, 2004 at 22:32:50:
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: I adding two bathrooms to my home and want to use PEX.
: I picked up some brass barbs for the PEX that insert into copper pipe and (I am assuming) braze together?

: What is the trick to brazing copper to brass?

The "Trick" is to clean both fittins properly and use a brazing rod self fluxing NOT flux coated with a tensile strenth of 87,000 PSI and a melting point greater then 1,000 DEG F.

If yuor not skilled at brazing try using a silver brazing flux and use this flux as a guide line.

When the flux is applied it is normally mixed with water.

As your brazing at 212 degrees the water boils out and the flux turns to s white powder again As you keep heating this white powder turns into a clear liquid now your @ 1,000 degrees and you can try to add the alloy.

The Flux is used not only to prevent oxydation but act as a temperature guide and it protects the base metal very close to the melting point of copper 1981 Deg F.

A properly brazed joint is stronger then the base metal and will not break down as readily as "soldered" joints.

Any decent plumbing supply will carry the brazing rods look for a 15% silver content as the higher the silver the better the wetting action.

A little practice and you too can braze like an expert.

JUST remember to heat the heavier fitting first then the thiner then back to the heavy one you want the caplillary action to flow into.

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