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Posted by Jim G on March 27, 2004 at 20:42:34:
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: : has anyone had any experience with floor mounted duravit toilets? - especially their one piece version, i believe called the metro. how do they flush, etc.?
: : i was looking at a toto carlyle, but my water supply may not accomodate it - so if anyone has a comparison, i'd appreciate it, as i can't find any useful info on them

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: Why bother with Duravit. They are not well supported (supply houses or reps), nor have readily available parts.
: Toto on the other hand is just the opposite. Proven and tested designs which consistently end up at the top of performance comparisons. All the G-max flush toilets are worthy.
: Yes, the Carlyle requires a wide water supply location; so, if you want a one piece, consider the Toto Ultramax.

: I am a plumbing contractor, and we put lots of different toilets in but find the Toto's have the fewest complaints.

Also.....sometimes installing a "1/4 turn" anglestop (water supply shutoff) will allow the installation of a Carlyle with a standard water rough-in....good luck

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