Re: Shollow well pump losing prime
Posted by Hube on March 27, 2004 at 16:47:41:
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: Background: We live about 30 miles SE of Fairbanks, Alaska. We just replaced a old Gould 1/2 HP pump because it was losing prime..thought it was the pump (also making alot of noise).
: Replaced it with a Flotech 3/4 HP jet pump. It too is losing prime UNLESS I shut the water off to the house so it is just the pump and the pressure tank.
: I am thinking it might be a leak somewhere in the house that is causing the pump to lose prime.
: I have a brass backflow inhibitor (not sure what the correct name is) valve between the pump and the well.
: Should I also have one between the pressure tank and the house? Any ideas?
: Thanks in advance!!
: Phil.
A jet pump loses its prime somewhere between the pump and the water source (well).. It can be a leaking intake line, a faulty FOOT VALVE,Check valve. If the leak is on the house side of the pump, a leak will cause the pump to cycle quite often, but will not cause it to lose prime. The prime is lost on the incoming side to the pump.Hube

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