New kitchen vent connecting to existing vent system
Posted by Prowler on March 26, 2004 at 19:31:10:
I'm planning a kitchen remodel that will move the kitchen sink to a different wall and have what I think may be a problem. I would like to bring the sink vent up an existing wall then over the ceiling to connect to the existing 2 inch PVC vent system where the sink originally was vented.

My question / potential problem is that the existing vent pipe will end up six (6) inches lower than the height of the vent pipe from the sink. Is this a problem? I hope the "drawing" below may make the question clearer.

| /---------------|
|----------/ |
| | |
| | |
^ | ^
existing | vent for
main vent | new kitchen sink
kitchen sink vent
to be removed

Thanks in advance for your time