Flushing. Good idea or waste of water?
Posted by Dave R. on March 26, 2004 at 17:42:59:
My new home is 10yrs. old and I have always had a habit of flushing the toilets when I enter any one of the 3 bathrooms that we have. I flush them regardless if I use them or not. Sometimes I will flush all three of them in sequence a couple of times.

My theory is that I am flushing my DWV system to keep everything moving along just fine. I justify my actions by thinking it's better to spend a few dollars on the water rather than an expensive drain cleaning.

This peculiar habit is a result of formerly living in a 70yr. old home where I spent many hours and many feet of electric eel cleaning the sewage pipe out.

I have also even gone as far as to run the washing machine through a cycle (without clothes) just to get a great volume of water down the sewage pipe.

Am I wasting water or actually doing something good for the pipes?

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