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Posted by harvey on March 26, 2004 at 12:01:31:
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Could someone elaborate on him being wrong?? This work is being done as we speak. So suppose everything is done what can now happen if the sink drain is now tied into the above tub drain??

Thanks in advance,

: :
: : Hi Deb,

: : Thanks for your helpful infomation.

: : Can you explain what an S trap is exactly?? I am a bit confused about this.

: : My plumber said it will be ok to cut into the above tub drain b/c it is already vented-therefore the new sink drain will be vented once it is tied into the tub drain?? HE plans on adding a y connector and tieing in a new sink drain w/ inch and a half pvc. Is this wrong? HE is a licensed plumber so I am really confused now.

: : I am concerned about this siphoning effect you mentioned int eh above post also. CAn you elaborate alittle bit??

: : thanks in advance,
: : Harvey

: I'm no plumber, but ya he's wrong! Deb knows her stuff, I'd get a new plumber....

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