Re: question on running a vent
Posted by Casman on March 26, 2004 at 10:05:58:
In response to Re: question on running a vent

: Hi Deb,

: Thanks for your helpful infomation.

: Can you explain what an S trap is exactly?? I am a bit confused about this.

: My plumber said it will be ok to cut into the above tub drain b/c it is already vented-therefore the new sink drain will be vented once it is tied into the tub drain?? HE plans on adding a y connector and tieing in a new sink drain w/ inch and a half pvc. Is this wrong? HE is a licensed plumber so I am really confused now.

: I am concerned about this siphoning effect you mentioned int eh above post also. CAn you elaborate alittle bit??

: thanks in advance,
: Harvey

I'm no plumber, but ya he's wrong! Deb knows her stuff, I'd get a new plumber....

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