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Posted by hj on March 25, 2004 at 22:48:36:
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You do not see the vent because it is in the upstairs wall, but you cannot just cut a new drain into the existing tub drain and expect not to have problems. There are very strict rules for what you want to do and you need a plumber to install it correctly.

: I am relocating my sink to the opposite wall. On this new wall is a tub drain from the above bathroom.

: We plan to tap into this exisitng inch and a half galvanized drain-well we want to replace w/ pvc and join the new sink dain into the tub drain.

: My question is I do not see a vent for this tub drain- my guess is that it is vented underneath somewhere?? If it is indeed vented somewhere can I just tie in the new sink drain and not have to run a separate vent b/c there is one for the tub already and the new sink drain will be part of the existing tub drain?

: your help and opinion is greatly appreciated,

: regards,
: Harvey

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