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Posted by Deb on March 25, 2004 at 19:06:22:
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: : : I have a Eljer Walford toilet with a hair-line crack in the bottom of the bowl (don't ask me how...). Water seeps out from the crack. Is there any chance of repairing this, or do I need to shell out the $$ for a new bowl.

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: : : Jeff

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: : The only true fix would be to replace the bowl. You may be able to locate the "bowl" only if it's a later model toilet. When the bowl is reset, make sure the closet flange is secured properly. The toilet should be set level, shims used if necessary and caulked. It may have cracked due to slight movement.
: : Good Luck. e-plumber

: Thanks for the feedback. I did not think the vitreous china could be repaired. Looks like I'm ordering a new bowl.

If this is not a 1.6 gpf toilet, you will need to replace the whole toilet. You can no longer buy bowls or tanks with a greater than 1.6 gpf.
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