Re: Mystery Bathtub Overflow/Drain Mechanism
Posted by e-plumber on March 25, 2004 at 18:56:20:
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: My bathtub in NY city has a overflow drain pipe about about 9" to the side of the bathtub. There is a chrome plunger rod attached to a long pipe with threads at the end of it. This assembly is inserted from the top of the over flow pipe rising through the tiled floor. At present the plunger rod and attached pipe is free to pull out. Sometimes the water will not drain till the plunger rod and attached pipe is moved up and down several times. Has anyone seen such a drain/overflow system (manufacturer?)How does it work so that I can try to repair it

It is called a free standing bathtub waste.
The plunger part, (at he bottom of the piece that lifts up) could have soap scum build up on it and on its seating mate inside the assembly. Use a flashlight to inspect the inside of it. The drain line could also be partially restricted or something caught inside the waste blocking water flow. If it's a rental unit or if you own, you may need management or a licensed plumber to correct the problem.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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