Re: Toilet, that can flush a bucket of golf balls
Posted by Randy on March 25, 2004 at 17:01:00:
In response to Re: Toilet, that can flush a bucket of golf balls
Just thought I'd warn you if you haven't purchased the Champion yet. I bought one, and it's horrible. To make matters worse, American Standard customer service took a week to call me back. This toilet had to have the flush valve redesigned because the first models leaked (I got one of those and had to return the tank). The fill tube constantly falls off the flush valve or makes noise. The toilet flushes so quickly that the bowl does not rinse properly, and requires at least one or two more flushes to clean. (I guess if you're only flushing golf balls this won't matter). One of the toilet seat nuts will be darn near impossible to get on or off without a special tool of some sort. The tank won't tighten completely as per manufacturers instructions, so it rocks unless you shim it. The flush valve slams shut with a loud metallic clunk (nice for those quiet nightime flushes). The tank top is rounded and you can't sit anything on it without it leaning or rolling off. There is nothing good I have to say about this toilet, and I've written to American Standard to ask them to authorize a refund, but they just ignore you. Rotten company, rotten product.

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