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Posted by Deb on March 25, 2004 at 10:43:51:
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: The toliet is slow to drain, filling up to almost overflowing then drains, but very slowly and not flushing the contents fully. Also, after pushing the handle, at times a 'banshee' noise would emit-sometime for a second or so, other times longer rivaling the call of the wolves. If perhaps something maybe partially blocking the drain, how does one 'snake' the toliet drain? Help.

Do the bucket test. Fill a bucket with water and pour quickly into the toilet. If it flushes, the water is not getting from the tank to the bowl fast enough to get a good flush. The holes around the rim or the large hole in the bottom of the bowl (not all toilets have these) are clogged. Some people have luch cleaning the holes with a dental pick or some other small tool. Some use muratic acid (strong nasty stuff). I personally have never had any luck trying to clean the holes, but this could be our water quality.
A closet auger is easy to use. A big power auger is NOT easy to use and can be dangerous--snapping bones and taking off fingers.
If it is not a water transfer problem, and a closet auger will not take care of it, I recommend you call a pro to auger this right. A small hand snake very seldome does any good at all.
As far as the noise, replace the fill valve with a Fluidmaster 400A. You may want to check your water pressure, too. Excessive water pressure can cause this kind of noise out of the toilet fill valve, too.
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