Re: Toto Ultimate vs Ultramax Toilets
Posted by Gene L. on March 25, 2004 at 03:07:46:
In response to Re: Toto Ultimate vs Ultramax Toilets
: : I am in the market for a two new low-flow toilets to replace two 30+ year old toilets. I was thinking of buying the Toto Ultimate toilet. Instead, my remodeling contractor recommended the more expensive Ultramax model because the Ultimate models have been troublesome, and that the factory may discontinue the Ultimate model. Question 1: Can you verify if the Ultimate models have been troublesome? Question 2: Any chance the Ultimate will be discontinued?

: Gene,
: Your "remodel" contractor is wrong.
: Both toilets have been working well.
: The Ultramax has a little better "kick" on the flush, but the Ultimate does a fine job also.
: Expect to see the Ultimate being sold for years to come.

Thanks for your insights, Terry. You are a gentleman and a scholar. I will go with my first choice, the Ultimates, to stay within my budget.

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