Re: Pressure tank problems
Posted by Hube on March 24, 2004 at 18:18:36:
In response to Re: Pressure tank problems
: Recently replaced pressure hold tank for well water. In addition a new pressure gauge and relay switch was replaced. My old tank held water but the pressure barely made it above 20 lbs. psi. My new tank will not take any water and the new guage never rises above 28 lbs. psi. This seems to indicate the old guage was faulty but the pressure will not rise to the 60-40 or 50-30 whatever the preset is on the relay switch.
: What really bothers me is it is not know if the pump is continuously trying to pump being the relay swith never reaches the cut off value. It would seem the pump should have burned up, by now, unless there is a breaker or cut out switch in or at the pump.
: Thank you for your time and any suggestions has to be helpful.
Sub pump or jet pump? Does the contact points of the switch close? This will indicate if the pump is at least trying to kick in. Post info. Hube

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