Re: Follow up on sewage ejector pump
Posted by e-plumber on March 24, 2004 at 08:35:02:
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: I have a quote in Asheville, NC for $3800 to:

: 1. Rough in all water and waste in new basement bath.
: 2. Install 1 sewage ejector pump (Zoeller 1/2 hp package - roughly $475 most places I've seen)
: 3. Set owner provided fixtures.
: 4. Obtain permits and inspections.

: I will do all the concrete busting and site prep. Time estimate for 1 plumber is 3 days (granted, this is just an estimate)... there are seven 90 degree turns total and a 14 feet rise to the stack...I live in time is negligable.

: Does this quote seem a bit high? Simple math says yes but I know there are many variables here and a pretty nasty job so I don't want to go chasing multiple quotes if this seems reasonable...

: Thanks for the input...

The price quoted to you is within range.
If you feel it's on the high side, get another quote to ease your mind. Wite out the prices on the plumbers written proposal and have another bid on the exact same job.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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