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Posted by Ron Carpenter on March 24, 2004 at 01:26:05:
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Ref: Posted follow up to Alan Dodd's 2-7-04
Leaks and corrosion at edges of pipes and fittings indicates seal breaking down at several connections. Pipe is marked Vanguard Thermoguard....3/4 inch (other precise lettering and nominclature on the pipe, specifically, identify the pipe.) We were gone for nine days and found the corner of the garage flooded. Pipes behind the hot water have leaked on a slow progression and done some damage to the base of the gas hot water heater and stand as well. We're trying to figure out the extent of the problem, catching water in buckets in the meantime at a rate which, unfortunately, has increased to 4 gal/day during our return this past week. Can you give us some guidance on how to proceed as soon as possible. Please help us.
We have put out several similar messages to open plumbing forums in the way of inquiry for the same need of assistance.


Ron Carpenter

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