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Posted by Deb on March 23, 2004 at 20:43:03:
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: I would like to add a shower, toilet and sink to the in basement. The contractor had completed the rough in work for the bathroom, however I noticed that for the shower there is only a horizontal stub (2" pipe) in an opening in the concrete. The pipe has a short sleeve on it and is capped. I assume they left it this way sinceI also have the rough-in completed for the toilet and sink which are all against the same wall as the shower. There is one vent line that attaches to the sink. I have several questions:

: 1) Do I assume that there is a trap for the shower? Or do I have to add one?

: 2) I would like to move the the position of the shower drain, 3 feet and 90 degrees away from where the horizontal stub is now. Is is ok to add a 90 degree tutn to the drain pipe for the shower?

: 3) Is one vent pipe (1.5 inches) enough for the shower, sink, and toilet? They are all on the same wall, all within 10 feet of each other

The shower does not have a p-trap. Depending on what code you are under, moving the shower 3' may well put your trap too far away from your vent. UPC limits the distance from the trap to the vent to 5' (2" drainage line). I would not use a 90. I would use 2 45s if you decide to move.
UPC code requires a 2" vent on a toilet. The trap arm lengths are as follows:
1-1/2" 42" 2" 5' 3" 6'.
However, since the vent for the toilet and the vent for the shower must originate below floor level, if this was roughed in, it should already be vented.

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