Expansion gap in shower tile installation
Posted by Heather on March 23, 2004 at 17:18:03:
Can someone please direct me on the proper use of expansion gaps in a shower tile installation? I�ve tiled many floors and countertops, but this is my first shower install. I want to insure proper installation and in particular, proper sealing.

My understanding is that an expansion gap should be placed wherever the tile will meet an adjoining wall and should be �� wide. My shower has three walls and a mortar bed floor. The tile I will be using is �� thick. My current thought is to tile the middle wall first, leaving �� expansion gap to the adjoining side walls and to the mortar floor. My questions start to arise as I go to the next step of tiling the adjoining walls. Since my tile is �� thick and I want to have my �� expansion gap between this wall and the already tiled wall, it would seem that it would result in a reversed L shaped gap. Does this sound right? If I go about it in this fashion, should I then caulk the first expansion gap before tiling the side walls to ensure that it is filled appropriately for a good seal? Or, should I be doing a �� expansion gap instead, filling with backer rod and sealant?

Thanks for the help,

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