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Posted by e-plumber on March 23, 2004 at 14:46:46:
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: We've been noticing a strange, fishy odor in our spare bedroom. After turning the room upside down to check for cat messes or other sources of the smell (and finding nothing), we've managed to narrow it down to a general location.
: We went away for a quick vacation, and when we returned, the smell was gone. That evening, we used the master bath and the smell returned. For a week, we used a different bathroom and shower and the smell again went away. Our conclusion: When we do not use the master bath or shower (which is on the other side of one of the walls in the spare bedroom), the smell goes away. It only returns when we run water in that master bath/shower. We see no evidence of an actual leak, but we need to find and correct the source of that horrible smell. Could it be a p-trap or vent pipe problem? Could there be a leak between the walls that is causing mold/mildew but not leaking enough water to be visible on the floor or outer wall? Any recommendations for places to start?

: THank you!

First, make sure all plumbing fixtures have water in their traps, including floor drains. Make sure all clean-out fittings on the drainage system are properly capped/plugged.
There very well could be a broken drain line leaking in the wall or floor causing the foul odor. If problems persist, a plumber can test the system, locate and repair any possible defects in it.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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