I have a toilet flange problem
Posted by Gina on March 22, 2004 at 15:27:57:
I recently removed the toilet from my upstairs bathroom and after cleaning off the old wax ring I noticed that the flange was cracked on one side and the floor underneath the other side was a bit hollow. I'm not sure if the hole was off center or if the floor had rotted away. There was no leaking, nor did I have water damage on the ceiling below. Also, I was able to remove all the screws fairly easily, but of course the flange would not come off because it was sealed with pipe dope. I did have to saw off the screw on the hollow side of the floor before removing the toilet because the screw just kept spinning when I tried to loosen the bolt. My saw worked perfectly and was kind of fun. My question is, can I use a flange repair kit and proceed with installing the new toilet?

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