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Posted by Deb on March 21, 2004 at 16:01:18:
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: I will be remodeling our two bathrooms, and I am a bit confused about these two valves. The master bath is a shower only, and will be used by adults. The hall bath is a tub/shower, and will be used by children and adults.

: Cold someone please explain what each of these valves is for, and if I should get both, or only one?

A pressure balance valve operates by sensing pressure changes and adjusting the opposite flow to compensate. If someone flushes the toilet and the pressure of the cold water is less, the valves lets less hot water through to keep you from getting scalded. A thermostatic valves operates the same way, but adjusts on temperature changes rather than pressure changes.
I am partial to either Moen or Delta pressure balance valves. Both manufacturers have a model that has either a temp control only or both a temp and volume control. I live these brands because they are dependable, easy to work on and parts are always readily available. You also have a variety in trim options.
They should be installed everywhere you have a shower. I don't think that there is anyplace that they are not code now. Regardless, it is the safe smart thing to do. Adult are not immune to scalding--install on both.
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