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Posted by Clayton on March 21, 2004 at 14:42:31:
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A. maintenance can prevent headaches e.g. inspect inside basin / remove matter build up from float switches, pump, and basin surfaces / manually operate floats to insure all are working and the check valve is working.
B. I've installed Hydromatic & Zoeller in commercial systems. Myers & Little Giant in residential systems. I would rank their quality in that order from best to worst, IMO. They all make quality systems and I've never had trouble with any of them.
C. Depends on your locale
D. Must choose proper style of pump and size it according to lift height, length of total piping to the building drain, how many 90 / 45 degree offsets + other fittings and valves in the system. Probly 1/3 or 4/10 HP pump if you locate the basin nearby the building drain with one or two offsets. 1/2 HP if you are farther away like 30' of piping or more offsets.

When you decide the location of the basin you can measure the disance and proposed piping offsets from the basin to the building drain and call the pump manufacturer for proper sizing.
Recommend you purchase your pump/basin in a package system that will include the proper valves / floats / basin connections for that pump and basin and also recommend you add a control panel with Hi-Water alarm and a small back-up pump.

: I am remodeling a basement and want to put a full bath in. The house is built on a grade and the waste runs out to the high street side...8 ft off the concrete basement floor. I am looking at ejector pump systems and would like an objective opinion.

: a. Am I buying a big headache?
: b. Like most products...are some brands better than others? Little Giant seems to be the most reasonably priced.
: c. What should I expect to spend for pump, basin and hardware?
: c. With a little use spare bath like this, do I need more than 1/4 HP?

: Thanks for the feedback...this board has been very helpful...

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