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Posted by Kevin on March 20, 2004 at 22:36:04:
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: Sounds like this man needs to hear your advice from more than you Deb even though you are an excellent adviser on this board!

: Attn: John:

: The three "experts" on this forum that consistently post are Deb, hj, and e-plumber.

: While you may get different answers they will all be the same - Now that makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

: They will all tell you what you are facing is MISSION: Impossible.

: Well OK, MISSION: Impractical.

: Floor drains if they are connected to the samitary sewer system or septic system have P-traps attached to them to keep sewer gas from coming in to your basement.

: A Toilet has its own internal trap and to set it on a floor drain with a trap would in effect, create a double-trapped fixture!

: THIS IS NOT CODE APPROVED TO DO AND IT WOULD NOT WORK!!!! The toilet would not flush properly because of its trap and the P-trap that is part of a floor drainage system!

: Does that make sense?

: : : I have two floor drains in my basement and my main line goes out at about 4ft off the floor.Is there a simple way to add a toilet to one of my floor drains?
: : : The one I want to use is at an exterior wall. It is about 12-15ft away from my main line.

: : No, there is NO easy way to use the floor drain for a toilet. There may not even be a hard way. I am a little confused by the fact that the drainage line exits the house 4' off the floor. Are you even sure that the floor drains drain to the sanitary sewer and not to some grey water system? If the floor drain is connected to the sanitary sewer sysem, it may be possible to remove the floor drain and adapt to a shower. It will probably not be easy, however. If the floor drains do not connect to the sanitary sewer system, your only alternative is some kind of pump system.
: : Deb
: : The Pipewench

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