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Posted by Randy on March 20, 2004 at 16:50:46:
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: Consumer reviews and opinions can be posted in the box below concerning the American Standard Champion toilet.

This is a follow up on the American Standard Champion toilet problems I had posted on earlier.

I tried to contact American Standard. A young lady took my name and phone number and told me a "senior technician" would get back to me within 24-48 business hours. After I hung up, I realized she really meant 3-6 DAYS! Not wanting to wait that long, I called the plumbing supply where I bought the toilet. They contacted American Standard and called me back within the hour to say the tank would be replaced. When I picked up the new tank, they told me to make sure there was a BLUE STICKER on the box. Apparently that is the tank with the redesigned flush valve.

I installed the new tank and have no more leaky flush valve. But....there are still problems with this toilet that shouldn't be.

The refill tube that attaches to the flush tower with a pin clip constantly falls off, and doesn't allow the bowl to fill with water. The tube sometimes moves and runs its stream of water on the float at the top of the tower, causing it to turn in circles and sound like a motor running as the toilet fills. The flush valve sounds very loud when it slams shut. The water spot in the bowl is small, and allows solids to stick to the bowl. The left side toilet seat nut is near impossible to get to. Can't use a deep socket or a box wrench...only 1/8 turn with an open end wrench (can't wait to try and remove a corroded toilet seat nut here!) The lid for the tank is rounded on top, so you can't sit anything on top of the tank, because it sits crooked or falls off.

In short, I really hate this toilet and would not recommend it to anyone. Everytime I look at it I am reminded of all the problems. I intend to replace it as soon as I can.

Oh yeah, and by the way, it took American Standard exactly one week to call me back! It was a good thing "Paul" got my answering machine instead of me! American Standard? NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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