Vent Fittings (Again)
Posted by Chris on March 20, 2004 at 12:35:12:
I thought I'd summarize what seemed to be the answer to the question I asked about vent tees vs. sanitary tees for making vent-to-vent and vent-to-drain connections. For UPC, the consensus seems to be:

Vertical dry vent tying into the top of a horizontal drain: use a combo wye and 1/8 bend. Vent tee or sanitary tee not acceptable.

Vertical dry vent tying into the bottom of a horizontal vent offset: use a vent tee, OR a sanitary tee with tee branch pointing downward.

Horizontal vent offset tied into the side of a vertical dry vent: use a vent tee OR a sanitary tee inverted with tee branch pointing sideways.

In all cases the sweep is in the direction of air/water flow from roof vent to building drain.

Have I got it right now? Thanks for all the input!

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